HRM's shifting strolls

The general focus on sex work in the Halifax Regional Municipality has long been concentrated in Downtown Halifax. With a long, rich history of sex trade, ranging from Mme Ada to the effect of the navy on the trade, surrounding municipalities are often overlooked when locating sex work activity in HRM. The following infographic shows the number of calls received by Halifax Regional Police. It is important to note that while some calls may be directed as sex work complaints, it is often possible that the case's outcome may be different from the original complaint.

Arrests made related to sex work most often arise from complaints by residents.

The infographic shows the high level of calls incoming from Dartmouth. While police presence remains very frequent, both authorities and sex work activists say the trade is dispersing itself through the city.

Come back soon for a look at HRP's position in shifting strolls and work areas and the variables that help determine why sex work-related activities move and change.

Sex work complaint infographic