Life on the streets has changed. Sex work hasn't.



Tracy, 46, worked the streets of Halifax and the strip clubs of Toronto for 15 years to survive and feed her drug addiction. She knows the streets, the girls and the johns who shape the world of sex work in the port city. Now, she looks at how much things have changed since she left the scene two years ago.

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Sex Work Halifax - Tracy by mickjcote

The map below shows the area which used to be known as "the stroll," the streets on which sex workers often found their clients. Halifax Regional Police have also set boundaries within which sex workers arrested for solicitation or prostitution-related offences are forbidden from visiting until court decisions are made.

Appeals are sometimes granted to sex workers to access their workplace, medical centres or their own residences.

*Please note: the boundaries and the stroll showed here often change. The blue line, representing the stroll, was determined by talking to sex workers. The red lines, representing the boundaries in both Dartmouth and Halifax, were confirmed by Halifax Regional Police on August 10, 2011.

Common stroll, boundaries and help in North End Halifax

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