New discoveries: The Westmount Greenhouse


"New discoveries" is my latest attempt to blog more often and share new experiences through photos and words.  My partner Ben and I checked out the Westmount Greenhouse for the very first time today. I had seen a few photos people had posted on Instagram and decided to go check out the gorgeous historic space for myself.

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According to the City of Westmount's website, the Westmount Greenhouse was built in 1927 and, despite many alterations over the year, was restored back to its original vintage splendour in 2004 by an architecture firm.

Entering paradiso — The Westmount Greenhouse

When entering the greenhouse, visitors are greeted by a beautifully-crafted jungle composed of plants of all sizes, colours and scents. The greenhouse itself is made up of several rooms of different sizes. The white curved metal frame and the old glass ceiling continues throughout the entire complex.

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The Greenhouse, located next to Victoria Hall on Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal will doubtlessly become one of my cherished calm spots in the city.

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When surrounded by all these plants and flowers, the hustle and bustle of Montreal seems somewhat distant. Granted, Westmount isn't the busy downtown core, but the vintage structure, the overgrown vines and the metallic smell of water and earth carried me  to a whole new place.

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Needless to say, the Westmount Greenhouse is a perfect space to take photos. I can only imagine the number of newlyweds who have paraded through, kissing between the leaves and posing with distant looks on the benches anchored neatly through the various rooms.

Even Ben and I took the time to take a few photos of ourselves — the photo of us on the bench turned out to be a little more crowded than I had expected. But I still like it.

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That's frumpy me above. My rainy day outfit was, appropriately, a floral-print t-shirt. Yes, I'm bringing 90's grunge back and pretending to be a British scenester with my plaid shirt worn around my waist.

What other spaces should I go check out next? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below and let me know what you thought of my photos. Yes, I over-process the heck out of them, but I love that faded-yet-saturated look.

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