iPhone editing: Cloning yourself

I really like taking photos with my phone. It has become my go-to camera and holds my go-to editing apps. Here's how I managed to "clone" myself by using a few apps, a little bit of patience and a whole lot of battery life. (Editing does drain a battery!) What I used:

Here's how I did it:

NOTE: I added the photos from my shoot in Photoshop after the fact to help with the how-to. My pairing wasn't perfect because a big cloud came over when I took my second photo. Follow the instructions, the photos are there as guidelines.

1. Once you've found a location and set up your phone in the rig and on a sturdy tripod, open up ProCamera7. Lock the exposure and the focus on the first position you want to appear in by holding down your finger on the area you wish to focus in. A little lock will appear in the exposure circle.



2. Then, tap on the timer button and get to your location before the time runs out.


3. Go back to your camera, and separate the focus and the exposure (spread your fingers, the focus box and exposure button will ungroup) — but be sure to leave the exposure locked where it was the first time. Put the focus on the second location you want to appear in. Repeat the process with the timer button.


3. In your editing app, open the first photo.

4. In the iPhone Photo App, crop out everything but yourself from the second photo.

5. Back in PhotoForge2, add a layer and select the second photo.


5. Scale the second photo by half and line it up with the first. (Note that a cloud went by as I was taking my second photo, so the colour was a little off until I edited it.) In PhotoForge2, use the crosshair arrow.

Photo 2014-06-30, 5 17 04 PM 6. Once your photos are lined up, edit the exposure, brightness, contrast and curves to get the colours of the two photos as close as possible to one another. Note: In the image below, I had tried using a full-half of the photo, but since clouds had moved, I decided to take only the part of myself on the chair to help with matching.

editbrightness 7. I find a filter goes a long way to hide any imperfections. VSCOcam has some really nice, not overdone filters.

Voilà! You're in two places at once!