Mobile journalism: The kit


After noticing several news journalists out and about using new iPhones to collect information and send it back to their newsrooms, I thought it could be beneficial to showcase my own personal mobile journalism (MoJo) kit. Since graduating from the University of King's College's entrepreneurial journalism graduate program, I have focused my attention on improving my skills as a mobile journalist and have been actively seeking opportunities in organizations that embrace the digital shift. (Just a heads up, those places are hard to find.)

Pictured below is my personal MoJo kit. All of the items are tagged with their average price and websites.

I haven't updated my DSLR in a few years, but the picture quality is perfect for web and the Eye-Fi SD card is splendid for loading the photos onto my Apple devices.

Speaking of Apple devices, they're not mandatory but I definitely find them to be the most useful in terms of reporting. The variety in apps and third-party add-ons make my iPhone and iPad the perfect tools for me.

Don't hesitate to suggest new tools for me to try out. I expect to be blogging about new media quite a bit.

I've also curated a series of posts about mobile journalism by using Spundge.*

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