Next magazine


Presentation Video from Next Magazine on Vimeo. My colleagues and I have been extremely busy for the past six weeks, putting together a magazine titled "Next."

From a business overview to a full editorial calendar, we've managed to put together a product we are truly proud of. Here's Next's mission statement:

Next Magazine is for the guy taking the bus to work and the girl looking for the right restaurant. It’s for the post-grad and pre-committed; the semi-professional and the entry-level worker.

Next Magazine will talk to people who, like you, are just making it into their industry of choice and discuss how they’re making things work. We’ll also get established professionals to tell you how they climbed the ladder.

You’re young, working hard and you want to have fun – but that doesn’t mean you’re not saving for what’s ahead. Next will help you break into the real world without breaking the bank.

You should be able to live your life and still afford to buy a decent cup of coffee.  From restaurant guides and money-saving tips to the most fashionable it-stores and events happening around your city, Next will make sure to satisfy your craving for social life that’s full of excitement.

Next is for 22 to 35-year olds who have career goals and modest disposable income – something that will increase as they advance in their careers.

Forget about scraping by to have fun. Forget about splurging to impress everyone around you. Next is the perfect magazine to help you get ahead while keeping you entertained, in style and in the know.

Special thanks go to Perry Paris, Avril Brown, Fallon Jones, Brandon Comeau, Kate Ross, Kim Pittaway and everyone else who has helped and inspired us. Also, I strongly suggest you follow my colleagues on Twitter.

Belinda Alzner (Editor) @BelindaAlzner Jordana Levine (Managing Editor) @jlevine89 Corey Davison (Arts Director) @cfdavison Jessica Harding (Multimedia Editor) @jessicaeharding Rebecca Spence (Copy Editor) @bespence

I hope you enjoy our magazine! (Here's an online version, without ads)