About Me


I’m Mick and I’m a multi-faceted journalist with a passion for storytelling and a digital strategist with an obsession for engagement and audience growth.

I believe in journalism as a necessity for the public and a business that needs to thrive. I always aim to show readers and viewers the most important and pertinent stories while ensuring these articles are the best they can be.

Whether I’m working on my own, within or at the head of a team, I thrive when my work has a purpose and a goal.

Since graduating from the masters of journalism program (new ventures) at
the University of King’s College in Halifax, NS., I’ve continued to expand my understanding of new media business and relentlessly keep up with movement in the industry. I continue to speak to students about innovation and disruption in the digital publishing industry and I’m constantly looking for the best, most innovative ways to continue supporting great journalism.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like any more information about me. I’m an open book.